Benefiting from a uniquely stable production environment – Optical Surfaces Ltd is recognised as one of the world’s finest manufacturers of solid and air spaced etalons.

Etalons are widely used in telecommunications, lasers, and spectroscopy to control and measure the wavelengths of light. Recent advances in fabrication techniques, developed by Optical Surfaces Ltd, has enabled the creation of a new generation of very precise tuneable Fabry–Pérot interferometers.

Ultra flat etalons improve precision of Fabry–Pérot interferometers – Optical Surfaces

Dr Aris Kouris, sales director said “Working deep inside a chalk cliff, where temperature variation is negligible all year around, our skilled optical craftsmen can routinely create etalon pairs with ultra-low microroughness and surface accuracies that are better than lambda/300 peak to valley. As a result, we are the preferred supplier of matched etalon pairs to a growing group of discerning customers including a leading manufacturer of ultra-high resolution tuneable Fabry Perot interferometers”.

He added “Available in a range of shapes our etalons are designed for use at customer-defined wavelengths within the range 190 nanometres to about 2 microns. They are supplied with wedge angles of 5 minutes of arc for smaller diameters, rising in steps to a wedge angle of 40 minutes of arc for diameters from 70 – 170mm. Optical Surfaces etalons are available as standard in materials including UV grade Silica, Silicon and Germanium”.

For further information on ultra-high precision etalons for use in applications in interferometry, lasers and high-resolution spectroscopy please visit or contact Optical Surfaces Ltd. on +44-208-668-6126 /