Mounts and Mounted Optics – Diameter 300-550mm – Standard (OS)

OS 300-600 series mounts were developed to support large mirrors such as off-axis paraboloids in applications where stability of pointing is important. Tests in our laboratory give pointing stability of <1 arc sec over 72 hours at ±0.5 degrees C.
Four sizes are manufactured giving optical apertures from 250mm (12 inches) to 550 mm (21.6 inches). Micrometer movements give controlled tilt in two orthogonal directions of ±2 degrees for the larger sizes. For the OS300 mount, tilt is ±3 degrees, but a special edition of this and the OS400 is made for applications requiring ±7 degrees.
The mount base includes adjustable feet giving ±10mm height adjustment.


  • Mirror mounting

Mounts and Mounted Optics Specifications

  • Up to 550mm diameter
  • Two-axis Gimbal
  • Range: up to ±7 degrees
  • Sensitivity: up to ±0.2 arcseconds
  • High pointing stability (<1 arc sec over 72 hours at ±0.5 degrees C)
  • Differential micrometers for higher resolution (option)
  • Motorised PC controlled (option)
  • Alignment mirrors integrated to allow defining a pointing direction on optics such as OAP’s (option)
  • Vacuum compatibility (option)
  • Stress-free mounting by Optical Surfaces (option)