Mounts and Mounted Optics – Diameter <300mm Standard (OS)

OS mounts and mounted optics were developed to support lenses and mirrors such as off-axis paraboloids, spheres and flats in applications where stability is important.
Four sizes are manufactured for mirror diameters from 100mm to 254mm whilst intermediate sizes can be accommodated with custom made step down/aperture rings. Component thicknesses were selected to adhere to traditional 6:1 diameter:thickness ratios.
Differential micrometers give coarse and fine control over tilt in two orthogonal directions of ±2.7 degrees for the larger sizes and up to ±6 degrees for the smallest. Sensitivity is better than 3 arc seconds.



  • Mirror Mounting
  • Lens mounting

Mounts and Mounted Optics Specifications

  • Up to 250mm diameter
  • Two-axis Gimbal
  • Range: up to ±6 degrees
  • Sensitivity: up to ±1.3 arc seconds
  • Differential micrometers for higher resolution (option)
  • Stress-free mounting by Optical Surfaces (option)