Gimbal Mirror Mounts – Diameter <300mm - Compact (OS-Z)

OS-Z series gimbal mirror mounts are complementary to our OS standard series mounts (< 300mm) for optics ranging from 75mm to 250mm in diameter. Mounting is exceptionally stable and stress-free. Seven sizes are manufactured in increments of 25mm.
The mounts can support mirrors such as off-axis parabolloids (OAPs), spheres and flats. Specifically, OS-Z series mounts were developed to support OAPs in a manner that overcomes a number of constraints imposed by general purpose mounts. The main advantages gained by using an OS-Z mount can be summarized as follows:
• Allows mounting of both wedge back and parallel back OAP’s.
• Allows the fitting of a small pre-aligned alignment flat to aid user with their alignment.
• Small size increments allow a small footprint. This is particularly useful when space restriction is a problem.
Special features allow particularly stable (long-term) and stress-free mounting to be easily achieved but this means that a factory fitting is required.



  • Mirror mounting

Mounts and Mounted Optics Specifications

  • Up to 250mm diameter
  • Standard 2-axis Gimbal with optional x-y-z linear stages
  • Range: ±3.5 degrees
  • Sensitivity: between 1.4 and 3.0 arc seconds
  • High pointing stability
  • Stress-free mounting by Optical Surfaces
  • Alignment mirror (option)
  • Differential micrometers for higher resolution (option)
  • Vacuum compatibility (option)