1. Our quotations are normally valid for 60 days, after which time they are subject to revision. We also reserve the right, in exceptional circumstances to revise or withdraw quotations within this period.
2. No order placed with us will constitute a contract until our official acknowledgement has been forwarded to the Buyer.
3. Prices quoted are based on current labour, material and transport costs and, where applicable, on the appropriate current exchange rate of sterling.
4. Every endeavour will be made to supply at the prices quoted, but we reserve the right to adjust them according to any variations in factors beyond our control.
5. Every endeavour will be made to keep the delivery times offered, but we cannot accept any responsibility for consequences arising from delayed delivery, from whatever cause.
6. We cannot accept any responsibility for suspended or reduced delivery of goods, arising from any circumstances beyond our control.
7. Notwithstanding delivery, the property in the goods will remain in the Company, until payment is received in full for the goods supplied.
8. Orders cannot be cancelled, nor goods returned, without our agreement.
9. Goods claimed to be defective must be returned within 30 days and if agreed by us that they are defective they will be replaced or repaired free of charge or, as an option, allowed for credit providing that such credit shall not exceed the value of the goods as invoiced and provided that the Buyer shall return in the same condition as they were supplied. Goods claimed to be not of suitable quality because of any latent defect in manufacture will not be considered unless notified to us within six months of manufacture.
10. When goods consigned by Carrier are damaged in transit notification must be made to us and the Carrier within 3 days of receipt and arrangements made for inspection: otherwise no claim can be entertained. The failure of goods to arrive within 14 days of receipt of an advice note must also be immediately reported to us and the Carriers.
11. No liability can be accepted for any damage or injury to property or persons arising directly, or indirectly from any defect in the goods or for any costs, losses or expenses incurred or sustained on the Buyer in connection with such goods prior to or subsequent to such defect becoming apparent.
12. Buyers shall indemnify this Company against all claims made by a third party after receipt of goods by the Buyer and shall also indemnify the Company against any claims arising in respect of royalties, patents, registered designs or other alleged infringement of any alleged protection of goods.
13. Whilst every care is taken in handling, storing, transporting, or processing customers own materials or property which have been supplied by arrangement for incorporation in the product ordered, this is at Customers own risk.
14. These conditions shall be interpreted according to English law.