Optical Surfaces Ltd was founded in 1962 to specialise in scientific optical systems. It developed proprietary methods of producing high precision optics, mounted optics and complete optical assemblies specifically to meet the demanding needs of space, astronomy and high energy physics applications.

Based in Kenley, Surrey, the company has developed an international reputation for the manufacture of large and demanding high precision optical components and systems. Optical Surfaces Ltd is particularly well known for supplying off-axis parabolic mirrors, off-axis reflecting collimators and beam expander systems.

Internationally acknowledged for its technical expertise, attention to quality and customer service; Optical Surfaces’ team of experienced and highly skilled members of staff enable the company to adapt to almost any customer need.

As a trusted supplier to leading scientific, astronomical and defence establishments including many space and environment projects worldwide. A selection of Optical Surfaces Ltd recent customers include: –

” European Space Agency (ESA),
” European Southern Observatory (ESO),
” Royal Greenwich Observatory (RGO),
” Rutherford Appleton Labs,
” CEA,
” Max Born Institute,
” Max Planck Institute,
” BAE Systems,
” Qinetiq,
” NPL,
” UK Atomic Energy Authority,
” Gemini Foundation.


To ensure the contamination-free status of its high precision optics, Optical Surfaces Ltd invested in a new class 10,000 clean room facility during 2009. The clean room facility enables elimination of airborne contaminants from the company’s final assembly and inspection area, thereby guaranteeing the highest quality product is delivered to its customers.

When asked why they select Optical Surfaces Ltd. as a supply partner – typical customer feedback includes their highly skilled workforce, proprietary high precision optical manufacturing expertise, competitive pricing and a proven ability to deliver top quality, performance tested optics and optical systems. Optical Surfaces Ltd’s core business approach is not to present a rigid offering, but to design in collaboration with the end user so that an ideal optimised optical solution is produced for a given project.

Future plans for Optical Surfaces Ltd include maintaing successful relationship with all their existing customers, as well as reaching out to new clients worldwide.