Throughout 50 years of trading, Optical Surfaces have established a long-term relationship with many of our customers. We understand that often customers need specialist help and support in procuring the optics and systems, which are optimized to fulfill their optical applications.

We welcome the opportunity to be involved from the initial design stage to the final fruition of your project.

Support is available in many areas including:

Design: we can advise on the practicality, suitability and affordability of your project, due to many years of experience, technical ability and use of the latest optical design software.

Engineering: a full range of engineering solutions is available to fulfill customer requirements from small components such as mounts and platforms to complete systems.

Flexibility: sometimes, wherever practicable customer requests can be incorporated into their components and systems, such as integrating customers own devices into beam expanders and collimators.

Test Reports: these can be customized to satisfy the customer’s particular area of interest i.e. wavefront, spot size, MTF curves etc.

Installation: if requested, a full installation service is available. Experienced technicians will come to your facility to ensure the correct alignment and functionality of your system.

After sales support: we are always available and happy to discuss and help with after sales issues.

Along with support from engineers, administrative and sales teams we are committed to excellence in both product quality and customer service.