Optical Surfaces is a well-established supplier of large, high precision reference flats and mirrors (coated flats) to research establishments, national standards laboratories and organisations worldwide.

Benefiting from a unique thermally stable manufacturing environment, and working with high-stability materials such as Pyrex, fused Quartz and Zerodur, Optical Surfaces is able to routinely achieve a surface accuracy of better than lambda/10 p.v. and surface roughness of less than 1nm on reference flats up to 600mm in diameter. A datasheet detailing standard specifications for these reference flats (diameter: 105mm – 600mm) may be downloaded from the Optical Surfaces website (www.optisurf.com/index.php/products/flats-and-windows/flats/)

Large Diameter Reference Flats and Mirrors – Optical Surfaces

In addition to its standard reference flats, Optical Surfaces offers special options for non-circular shaped flats, higher surface accuracy / quality, precision mounts, light-weighted options and an extensive range of coatings for demanding applications. All reference flats from Optical Surfaces Ltd. come with full quality testing assurance. Optics up to 450 mm diameter are provided with a Fizeau interferometric test report, larger flats are quality assured using the Ritchey-Common test procedure.

Reference flats are a proven method of measuring the surface accuracy or the transmitted wavefront of flat surfaces or optics. Applications where Optical Surfaces reference flats are used include astronomy, laser beam steering, inspecting gauge blocks for wear and accuracy and interferometric flatness testing of prisms, filters and optical windows.

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