Optical Surfaces Ltd is a leading manufacturer of high precision hyperbolic mirrors that are used in satellite-based telescopes to collect and focus light enabling high-resolution remote observation in applications including agriculture, water resources, urban planning, rural development, mineral prospecting, environment, forestry and disaster management.

Earth observation satellites employ hyperbolic mirrors in their telescope design to allow high optical performance over a large field-of-view in a compact footprint. A hyperbolic secondary mirror is used in Cassegrain telescopes to effectively balance aberrations caused by the shorter focal length of a typically parabolic primary mirror. In addition, in some more extreme low f/ratio applications served by Ritchey-Chretien telescopes, both the primary and secondary mirrors may be hyperbolic.

Hyperbolic secondary mirror

Drawing upon a uniquely stable production environment – Optical Surfaces skilled optical engineers are able to produce secondary convex hyperbolic mirrors up to 150mm diameter with typical wavefront error of only lambda/20 P-V, surface finish of 10/5 and microroughness of less than 1.2nm RMS. Such customer specified ultra-smooth hyperbolic mirrors can be supplied with a coating exactly optimised for your application. In space borne telescope platforms, where weight is an issue, Optical Surfaces can also produce hyperbolic mirrors with light-weighting options.

For further information relating to hyperbolic mirrors for satellite-based telescope systems please visit https://optisurf.com/hyperboloids/ or contact Optical Surfaces Ltd. on +44-208-668-6126 / sales@optisurf.com.